Effects of COVID-19 and earthquake on Croatian education system

How did the coronavirus pandemic influence the lives of pupils in Croatia? Are educational workers in Croatia satisfied with governmental support?
These are some of the questions NEPC member, Institute for Social Research in Zagreb addressed through a research-developmental project funded by Croatian Science Foundation and implemented in collaboration with Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.
“National monitoring of the effects of the COVID-19 disease pandemic and the 2020 earthquake on the organization of educational processes and the well-being of pupils and educational workers in the Republic of Croatia” project included 161 primary and secondary schools across the country including: 161 school leaders, 417 school expert staff, 4796 teachers and 27 023 students.
Main goal of the project was to establish a scientific monitoring of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the earthquake on the national education system.
Here you can read more about the project and preliminary results are available here (only in Croatian).

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