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Lead for EcoJustice: Transforming School Cultures

The Lead for EcoJustice initiative, led by the Network of Education Policy Centers, has just commenced. Eight schools and organizations from Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovenia have joined this effort to address the pressing environmental challenges and the disconnect between people and nature. The Lead for EcoJustice initiative aims to address this by advocating for […]

Manos Antoninis: “Technology in education: A tool on whose terms?”, UNESCO GEM Report Presentation

The 7th Primary Colors of Education conference: “ARISE for well-being” organized in partnership with NEPC members at the ARISE network has concluded last week. The theme of the conference was well-being in education, encompassing a wide range of topics such as school environment, intersectoral cooperation and crisis management. One of the more novel factors affecting […]

Impactful and sustainable policy change for migrant education

Network of Education Policy Centers has partnered with SIRIUS Policy Network on Migrant Education and over 30 other partners from 18 countries for the new round of the SIRIUS initiative, SIRIUS 3.0 – Impactful and sustainable policy change for migrant education. SIRIUS 3.0 is a multistakeholder project aiming to facilitate the inclusion of migrant learners […]