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Impactful and sustainable policy change for migrant education

Network of Education Policy Centers has partnered with SIRIUS Policy Network on Migrant Education and over 30 other partners from 18 countries for the new round of the SIRIUS initiative, SIRIUS 3.0 – Impactful and sustainable policy change for migrant education. SIRIUS 3.0 is a multistakeholder project aiming to facilitate the inclusion of migrant learners […]

Quality Education for All – North Macedonia

The Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje is currently carrying out an important initiative, “Quality Education for All – North Macedonia,” generously funded by Germany. This substantial project is underway, spanning from December 2022 and continuing until November 2025. Its overarching goal is to advance democracy and human rights within the realm of education, […]

Announcement: 7th NEPC Primary Colors of Education Conference – ARISE FOR WELL-BEING

We are excited to announce the ARISE FOR WELL-BEING conference, where we will come together to address one of the most pressing issues in education today – reducing the impact of inequalities. Join us in this transformative journey towards a brighter and more equitable future for all learners. What to Expect? Who Should Attend? Join […]