Educational change: Challenges and Expectations

Institute for Social Reserach in Zagreb – Centre for Educational Reserach and development organizes the 3rd Days of Educational Sciences

Educational change: Challenges and Expectations
(Zagreb – Croatia, Oct. 20 & 21)

In recent years we have witnessed the intensification of the professional and public debate on educational changes, from those that permeate the whole system to the changes in everyday teaching in the classroom. Regardless of the level at which it occurs, each change is a challenge for those that participate in it, but also an opportunity for making the learning and teaching better, more interesting and more meaningful for the students and the teachers, the school or the whole educational system.
In Croatia today strategical changes within the educational system are proposed which aim at the improvement of learning and teaching at schools in accordance with the recent scientific knowledge and the educational practice. They have been developed with the aim of making students successful throughout their education, career choice and subsequent lifelong learning. The comprehensiveness of these changes is a specific challenge for educational researchers, because their success can rely only upon a carefully planned and conducted interdisciplinary research that will monitor their implementation.
3rd Days of Educational Sciences are dedicated to different perspectives of educational changes, expectations of their participants, but also the challenges they impose to the scientific community. We therefore invite scientists and researchers in the field of education to present their papers on this subject.


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