Socio-emotional learning for active citizenship

This article is based on the study visit report, compiled by representatives of visit organisations: Educational Research Institute (Slovenia), Center for Education Policies (CEP, Serbia) and Center for Innovation in Education (CIE, Azerbaijan)

Socio-emotional well-being of the student is crucial not only for achievement and learning, but also to support civic engagement. The 2019 NEPC study visit organised and hosted in early December 2019 by Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE) was dedicated to the connection between active citizenship and socio-emotional learning. The visit was attended by representative of Educational Research Institute (ERI, Slovenia), Center for Education Policy (CEP, Serbia) and Center for Innovation in Education (CIE, Azerbaijan).

Participants mutually explored and evaluated several of their implemented projects and programs. These programs are designed to build the competences of teachers and supporting school staff in developing resilience of young people and empowering them in finding their identity and talents, valuing their needs and goals, rising and practicing empathy and civic engagement as well as broadening their understanding of the complex world and communities they live in, with the goal of enriching and developing young people´ s personal, interpersonal and civic skills and competences.

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