Sirius study visit in Croatia: institutional and non-institutional support to students

ZAGREB – A. is a youngster who left Afghanistan for Iran, where he attended school. Then he and his family left Iran for Europe. They settle at first in Austria, where A. learnt German to attend the school there. One day, they moved to Croatia. He is now 17 years old and he is learning Croatian, and once more, he is enrolled in another school. N. is a 21 years old student from Sudan. He recently came to Croatia. He would like to enrol the University in Zagreb to complete his educational path.

These are in brief the stories of two young migrant students living in Zagreb, who got in touch with the NGO Are You Syrious (AYS), a humanitarian organisation visited during the SIRIUS network peer learning activity that occurred in Croatia in Mid-May. AYS is striving to give them assistance, in a country that has a relatively short history as a migration destination. In the period 2006 – April 2019, in the country, 767 people were granted with international protection. Among them, 284 were minors. At April 2019, Croatia hosts less than 200 asylum seekers, 30 of which are minors.

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