nepc conference

The second and final day 5th NEPC Primary Colors of Education Conference was held online on the 7th December 2021 and offered insights to the change of the current education systems through two panel discussions.

First panel opened the question on the role of policy networks and their outreach in the participation in the national education policy process. The representatives of three international policy networks, European Education Policy Network (EEPN), SIRIUS – Policy Network on Migrant Education and hosting Network, discussed the influence of the international policy networks have on the national education policies and addressed the challenge of coordinating diverse stakeholders in the membership as well as the fulfilling the expectations of the final recipients of the education policies – learners. Video of the first panel is available here.

Second and final panel addressed the need to rethink the role of the education and the concept of the education system as we know it through two earth-centric philosophies: ecological justice and degrowth. Through the interesting and intense discussion, we have finally been able to envision the outlines of the education systems that are inclusive, respectful, caring and nurturing to both human and non-human and considerate of the energy and material throughput. Watch the full panel here.

The conference was closed with the reflection by Lana Jurko, Network Director, emphasising the common topic that emerged and was intertwined in all of the session as one of the areas of great importance and significance for current and future education systems and beyond that requires more acknowledgment and support – students’ voice.