The Erasmus+ KA2 project ALCOR aims to build relationships between teachers and parents through digital multilingual learning.

The project was named after a binary star Alcor which in Arabic means the “forgotten one” or the “neglected one” because its partner star Mizar is a much brighter star. While Mizar symbolizes the language of schooling, ALCOR refers to the languages that migrant and minority children speak at home and which are frequently unseen, unheard and neglected in the classroom. Students’ linguistic diversity should be welcomed as a valuable resource for learning new content, new languages and as a way to enhance participation and inclusion of both students and their parents into the school community.

To contribute to building multilingual learning setting, the Erasmus+ KA2 project is built around 4 main activities:

  • An intensive train-the-trainer peer-learning programme for teachers;
  • Parent/teacher Co-Creation Workshops and Language Friendly Learning festivals;
  • Production of white board animations that visualize how home language integration and parental involvement may result in student well-being and academic success through the use of multilingual learning resources;
  • Creation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aimed at developing a “language friendly” mindset and enhancing teacher competence in forging effective teacher/parent connections through home language integration and digital technology.

ALCOR project meeting

The First Transnational Project Meeting for ALCOR: Building Teacher Parent Connections Through Digital Multilingual Learning was organized in Zagreb in October.

About the project

Project leader: RISBO B.V. the Netherlands

Duration: 30.6.2021. – 30.05.2023.

Partners: NEPC, Terremondo (Italy), Praxis (Estonia), Rutu Foundation (The Netherlands) and Open Academy Step by Step (Croatia). 

Funded by: EU; Erasmus+

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