Inclusive school culture: Reflection and action

HEAD project_primary school principals

The last module of professional development program for school principals on inclusion has been completed in Croatia! 15 primary school principals, from Croatia, completed the five-module program for inclusive school culture designed within HEAD project (Empowering School Principals for Inclusive School Culture).

The program was implemented by The Open Academy Step by Step.

The last module was focused on ideas or concepts participants perceived differently following the completion of the program, ideas or concepts they found to be more complex or challenging, and the ones that are still unclear and need to be better explained or explored.

Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to present their plans and activities for their schools that will enhance inclusive school culture, since they have been part of this program.

Although they work in diverse contexts and have different experiences, they do share the commitment to work towards more inclusive education system!

Participants appreciated the training methods based on peer support, sharing experiences, reflections under the expert guidance of educators Sanja Brajković and Vlatka Domović.

One of the participants highlighted in the evaluation:

“Thank you very much (…) I was honoured to participate in this education. I believe that most principals in Croatia need this support. I truly recommend the organization of similar education programs. Your expertise, professionalism, understanding and enthusiasm inspired us all “

After the completion of the program in Croatia and North Macedonia for primary and secondary school principals, the impact of the project will be measured by an impact study that will show the effectiveness of the intervention coordinated by ERI Slovenia (Pedagoški Institut).

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