Integrity in education: launch of a cross-country synthesis of findings from Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Mongolia

On December 2nd 2020, a 12 pm CET, the Center for Applied Policy and Integrity and the Network of Education Policy Centres will hold a webinar to launch a new joint report on integrity of human and financial resources in school education, which was prepared in the framework of the project Integrity of education systems: training for civil society organisations with the support of the Open Society Foundations (Education Support Program).

The report discusses evidence and cross-country findings from locally led integrity assessments carried out by four civil society organisations – members of NEPC from Georgia (International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management – EPPM), Kyrgyzstan (Foundation Education Initiatives Support – FEIS), Moldova (Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA), and Mongolia (Mongolian Education Alliance – MEA).

In line with the report, the webinar will discuss two questions: whether participants in school education in these countries engage in problematic practices (integrity violations) that lead to the abuse of human and financial resources in education and – if the answer is yes – what are the mechanisms and systemic weaknesses which facilitate and motivate such conduct in each country and across country.

The webinar will cover the methodological aspects of the research, provide an overview of the results of the analysis of integrity in the management of human resources and the use private donations in public education, and it will present the main recommendations for follow-up action.

To register, contact NEPC at nepc(at)

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