WHAT DO WE DO TO RESPOND TO COVID EDUCATION EMERGENCY? 15# – Learning activities for language and maths development by Step by Step North Macedonia on Facebook

The impact of the pandemic on the education systems across the globe is immense for numerous reasons. On one hand, most countries in the world have closed down schools and moved to some type of online learning which will surely impact the quality of learning but at the same time impacts the home lives of teachers, students and their parents.

The members of NEPC network promptly reacted to this situation to support and cater to the needs of their beneficiaries. In this series, we will present the activities and the practices that our members implemented, adapted or reinforced as they could serve as inspiration for other actors dealing with the implications and impact that this unexceptional circumstances had and still have on education.

In this issue, we feature the initiatives of our North Macedonian member Foundation for Educational and Cultural Initiatives “Step by Step” – Macedonia

Step by Step Foundation is determined to help teachers to overcome the difficulties that on-line teaching brings and therefore we explore the positive international experiences for on-line teaching.

As a response to the COVID-19 crises, UNICEF and Ministry of Education of R.N. Macedonia, composed the list of available online resources for teachers and parents. The digital library of the Step by Step Foundation is on the top of the list of recommended available national on-line educational resources with the 30 titles of picture books in audio and PDF format in Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Bosnian language, 5 picture books in Roma language and 20 titles of picture book in sign language, see here.

The same resources along with the manuals that offer easy to use activities are available on the Step by Step Foundation web site: http://www.stepbystep.org.mk/en/biblioteka.

The teachers share those activities with their students in the online communication. Some of the Step by Step trainers (primary school teachers) were invited by the Ministry to prepare TV classes, and they use the activities from the manuals in the preparation. Step by Step Facebook page is used also for communication with the parents, sharing everyday fun learning activities for language and maths development. We also prepare or translate for parents the resources on topics such as How to help students to cope with extended school hours, how to talk with kids about Corona virus, tips for families on self-care and coping with stress in these challenging times, etc.

The recently received Emergency grant from NEPC will help us to continue to map, collect and share good examples for support of students’ development during school closure, but also after school re-opening until the consequences of the closure are felt. We will share with the educators the selected best examples of online teaching on the existing Step by Step FB page. 

There is a possibility the set of 30 picture books in Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish Languages “My First Library” to be re-published with the WB fund and delivered to the families most in need along with the emergency packages prepared by WB.

We are in constant search for additional funding to respond to the pandemic crises that affect children in need (Roma children, children and families who live in poverty, children with special needs).

Contact: https://www.stepbystep.org.mk/en/about-us

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