WHAT DO WE DO TO RESPOND TO COVID EDUCATION EMERGENCY? 14# – A platform for online learning, monitoring and evaluation by proMENTE social research

The impact of the pandemic on the education systems across the globe is immense for numerous reasons. On one hand, most countries in the world have closed down schools and moved to some type of online learning which will surely impact the quality of learning but at the same time impacts the home lives of teachers, students and their parents.

The members of NEPC network promptly reacted to this situation to support and cater to the needs of their beneficiaries. In this series, we will present the activities and the practices that our members implemented, adapted or reinforced as they could serve as inspiration for other actors dealing with the implications and impact that this unexceptional circumstances had and still have on education.

In this issue, we feature the initiatives of our Bosnian member, proMENTE social research.

Online questionnaire for public opinion 

The onset of an epidemic causes uncertainty, which can result in a series of stressful reactions such as a reduced sense of security and anxiety. Also, crisis situations can lead to risky behaviors (increased use of tobacco, alcohol), inability to perform daily activities and inability to coordinate personal and business life. All this can significantly impair the mental health of an individual. In other words, crisis situations can limit the possibility of realizing their full potential, reduce work productivity, and lead to the use of inadequate coping strategies. These effects are more intense if individuals do not perceive governing structures competent to deal with the problem. Referring to this, proMENTE social research has designed a study to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on an individual’s functioning regarding emotional experiences and performing daily activities. Also, the aim of the study is to examine the attitudes about the work of governing structures, medical staff and the media when it comes to informing the population and the effectiveness of solving problems caused by the new situation. A questionnaire on the impact of a pandemic on daily functioning is distributed online. After completing the questionnaire, the respondents have an insight into their results. At the individual level, the results provide respondents with an insight into the extent to which they successfully cope with the situation at an affective and behavioural level. In addition, the results of the study provide a basis for creating strategies that can help the population cope with the challenges of crisis and unpredictable situations.

Online questionnaire for parents and students

proMENTE social research is a partner in research lead by COI Step by Step. Listed organizations conducting research how online teaching is experienced by parents and students in primary and secondary schools in BiH, but also in region. This generation of children is the first to go through such an experience. Therefore, it is very important to gain insight into how students, as well as parents, have adapted to the demands of distributing educational content online (TV, online platforms, viber, e-mail, etc.). The research findings and recommendations from parents and students will help advance online teaching in the future. Improving online teaching based on the experiences of students and parents is very important because IT literacy, improving the use of different ICT tools, adapting teaching content to this type of teaching are imperative today.

Platform for online learning, monitoring and evaluation (PROMEP)

proMENTE is developing a hybrid model of teaching that combines the educational processes of online teaching and classroom teaching, since such models deliver the best results in terms of efficiency and fulfillment of learning goals and outcomes. The platform we are developing using the principles of social constructivism theory as educational theory.

Planning and realization of online training would be carried out using the ADDIE[1] model or some other models of instructional design with the active participation of subject teachers and experts in the process of defining learning outcomes, selecting teaching methods, technologies used, feedback, reflecting and measuring outcomes in online education environment.

Moreover, the platform will cover the needs for evaluation and monitoring as well as the distribution of most instruments for collecting data for different projects.

Contact: https://www.promente.org/index.php/en/

[1] The ADDIE instructional design model is a five-step model suitable for the development of smaller / shorter courses and micro-courses. ADDIE is an acronym for the English words “Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation”

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