WHAT DO WE DO TO RESPOND TO COVID EDUCATION EMERGENCY? – 9# Video tutorials on OER and digital tools for teachers by ProDidactica

The impact of the pandemic on the education systems across the globe is immense for numerous reasons. On one hand, most countries in the world have closed down schools and moved to some type of online learning which will surely impact the quality of learning but at the same time impacts the home lives of teachers, students and their parents.

The members of NEPC network promptly reacted to this situation to support and cater to the needs of their beneficiaries. In this series, we will present the activities and the practices that our members implemented, adapted or reinforced as they could serve as inspiration for other actors dealing with the implications and impact that this unexceptional circumstances had and still have on education.

In this issue, we feature the initiatives of our Moldovan member, Educational Center ProDidactica.


The PAIDEIA EDUCATIONAL DEBATES Club discusses topics of maximum topicality and professional necessity for teachers and managers. The club takes place two times a month and given the pandemic context, it has transferred its sessions online.  


The project aims at integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) in technical vocational education, by increasing support for managers, improving digital skills of teachers, developing digital content for certain trades and specialties, appropriate endowment of institutions to achieve a quality educational process.

Video Tutorials on OER and DIGITAL TOOLS

This was the perfect time for Shift Edu to get involved and provide support for the teachers. Therefore, we have come up with video tutorials on OER and digital tools that teachers can integrate into the e-learning process. The tutorials aim to familiarise teachers with the concept of OER, as well as provide support when it comes to integrating digital tools into the e-learning process.

Latest RED tutorial: link, Edu Tolk Facebook page: link, Edu Tolk Youtube Page: link

Video tutorials on OER and digital tools for teachers

Distance learning: teacher training program for technical vocational education of the Republic of Moldova

In the period April 14-29, 2020, teachers from 91 technical vocational education institutions attended 9 online sessions on using distance educational technologies during lockdown due to COVID19 outbreak. The training program is organised within the Shift Edu project “Digital skills for employment in the modern economy”, implemented by PRO DIDATICA.

The sessions focus on the following topics: design of distance learning, typology of resources for distance learning, digital communication, multimedia resources: creation and use of them, organisation of online interactive activities, development of digital content, distance education tools (document management, classroom management, etc.) etc.

The sessions are recorded and are available here

Other campaigns

Initially, other following activities within the campaign were teacher training. However, due to the circumstances, we adapted the concept, and during the period of 14-29th of April, there are provided a series of webinars. The webinars are recorded and uploaded on red.prodidactica.md.

Contact: https://prodidactica.md/en/

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