WHAT DO WE DO TO RESPOND TO COVID EDUCATION EMERGENCY? – 8# Online training series for teachers and students by Kosova Education Center

The impact of the pandemic on the education systems across the globe is immense for numerous reasons. On one hand, most countries in the world have closed down schools and moved to some type of online learning which will surely impact the quality of learning but at the same time impacts the home lives of teachers, students and their parents.

The members of NEPC network promptly reacted to this situation to support and cater to the needs of their beneficiaries. In this series, we will present the activities and the practices that our members implemented, adapted or reinforced as they could serve as inspiration for other actors dealing with the implications and impact that this unexceptional circumstances had and still have on education.

In this issue, we feature the initiatives of our Kosovan member, Kosova Education Center.

Kosova Education Center (KEC) has been in continuous contact with all stakeholders seeking ways of cooperation throughout the situation created by COVID-19. Some of the activities that are being conducted are:

Online training, discussions and activities

A swift reaction to the new situation led to the adjustments in delivering the training from the traditional methods into the online ones. These adjustments included the adaptation of training materials; training on the use of online platforms for the staff, trainers and beneficiaries so that the training be provided with the utmost quality. The first online training was successfully delivered, including the first online certification ceremony of teachers and school directors. Other online training is being conducted continuously. There are also many other activities being organised with students in order to engage them during this time.

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online training

Actions for children and families

In order to approach and properly inform children about the current situation, some attractive online brochures have been prepared for parents, teachers and others which were distributed to beneficiaries using the social media and other online communication channels. Moreover, an online awareness campaign that addresses the COVID-19 virus has been developed and is currently being transmitted through a local radio.

In order for parents to develop activities at home with their children, didactic materials will be provided, along with a package with food and hygienic products for families in need. A weekly TV program for children will also begin to be broadcasted by a local TV channel. This program will include simple indoor activities for children, talks with parents and also relevant professionals.

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Contact: http://kec-ks.org/?lang=en

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