Changes that have been happening in the world and Europe in the last couple of years seem to continue and intensify. Populist leaders with extreme rhetoric are (re)elected in EU member states, social distance towards minority groups increases, and European countries participate in armed assaults in war laden parts of the world. Increase of social inequalities accompanied with nationalism and xenophobia, media saturated with fake news makes it more difficult to determine the authenticity of information people are exposed to.  

To address these challenges, a consortium led by NEPC member Forum for Freedom in Education proposes the project “Start the change – creating a generation of change makers through intercultural education and volunteering”, with the aim of preventing and combat radicalization and extremism among young people by promoting democratic and EU common values, fundamental rights, social inclusion, media literacy, intercultural understanding and active citizenship.

The project, led by NEPC member Forum for Freedom in Education, is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (Key Action 3) and aims to empower teachers, students and parents in understanding and recognition of the complexity and challenges of the contemporary society by strengthening their personal, social and civic competencies through a whole-school approach.

Aside from the immediate work with schools, this project wants to reach out to the policy stakeholders to transmit student messages and ideas that will stand out as crucial throughout the implementation of this project. NEPC will coordinate efforts to introduce policy elements that take into account students’ voices and support students’ agency.


Associate partner: European School Heads Association

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