Hand in Hand conference “Do we need an relational revolution in schools?”

The HAND in HAND project entered in its final phase and its outcomes and results will be presented during the final conference «Do We Need a Relational Revolution in Schools? Social, Emotional and Intercultural Competences for Inclusive Societies» that will take place in Zadar, Croatia, on January 28th & 29th 2020.

The event features as keynote speakers Paul Downes, associate professor of Education at Dublin City University, and Helle Jensen, psychologist and family therapist, chairperson and co-founder of the Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children.

During the first day, a systemic framework for social and emotional education, ways to support social, emotional and intercultural (SEI) competences in schools and the experiences from the teachers who took part in the Hand in Hand program will be presented. The participants will be also acquainted with the findings of the implementation study and with the development of the school-based intervention program for SEI for elementary school students and with its main features and sample activities.

Policy implications, challenges and solutions and the way forward towards the mainstreaming of SEI competences will be explored in different panels with international experts and policy makers working on the topic. The project is attuned with the LifEComp framework on the Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Key Competence (one of the eight Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in the 2018 Recommendation) and this perspective will as well be present in the discussion about policy implementation.

The second day will be dedicated to the in depth exploration of the school staff program and participants will have the chance to try some of the activities included in the training modules, with a focus on self-awareness & self-management, social awareness and relationship skills, and intercultural competencies and responsible decision making.

The full program is now available and the registrations are now open until December 10th 2019.

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