NEPC Summer School 2019 “Emotions Matter: Socio-Emotional Learning in Education”

23rd – 29th (5 days program) June 2019, Trakošćan, Croatia

In NEPC region, teachers have been beneficiary of wide range of professional development program aiming at professional and personal development. Do teachers need to be equipped for developing socio-emotional competences in children or be enhanced to build their own socio- emotional competences?

In the perspective of whole school approach, NEPC Summer School 2019 will try to connect existing professional development with socio emotional education with accent on managing emotions and relational competences. The program will combine contributions from participants, workshops and lectures as well as reflection sessions.

What is (then) the role of professional development for educational staff if we recognize the role of school to be crucial for developing social and emotional skills? Shall the few-days-intense-program approach be revised in a more holistic approach aiming to continuous support for educational staff? If socioemotional education is covered by curricula, should it be also covered in pre-service teachers education?

This year Summer School was inspired by the Erasmus+ Hand in Hand project and it hosts as keynote speakers and contributors, among other, Paul Downes, Associate Professor of Education at Dublin City University, and Helle Jensen, psychologist and family therapist, chairperson and co-founder of the Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children.

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