Breaking the Poverty Taboo – Creative Ideas for Mitigating the Effects of Poverty: School-Based Activities

The handbook for teachers and school staff Breaking the poverty taboo – Creative ideas for mitigating the effects of poverty: school-based activities, developed within the frame of the BRAVEdu project,  is now available.

The publication features workshops and activities tailored for teachers, parents and students to support them, different co-actors in the education process, in tackling effects of the difference in the socio-economic status in their own schools, as well as the local community.

The handbook covers topics of self-reflection, positive self-perception, recognition of personal talents, defining one’s own goals, encouraging aspirations, empathy, togetherness, all of which have one aim and that is to support equity at classroom and school level.

The introduction to these topics deepens knowledge, skills and attitude that contribute to recognizing children and youth as active participants in their community, that encourage the roles and responsibilities of all students in creation of their environment, in making decisions that will shape their world, so that they are empowered to better understanding themselves, and better express themselves, and their identity.

The full Hand Book

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