Fostering a Democratic School Culture – Study Visit Croatia

On September 24-25, 2018, NEPC hosted the group of primary school teachers and school support staff from Kosovo, who visited Croatia within the framework of the Council of Europe – Office in Pristina project “Fostering a Democratic School Culture and Diversity in Schools“.

After the introductory lecture on how the Croatian education system works, by the NEPC Executive Director, Lana Jurko, first day of the visit, the group visited Elementary school Ivan Meštrović in the Zagreb neighbourhood of Staglišće – Jarun. Same afternoon, another school and two NGOs had the chance to present their current projects and overall mission and vision, relating to the broader topic of democratization in schools: Marija Roth, psychologist from the Ivan Supek High School in Zagreb talked about encouraging interculturalism through the teaching process; Tamara Banjeglav and Eli Pijaca Plavšić presented their respective organizations, Open Academy Step by Step and The Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE), both prominent CSOs and NEPC members, working on topics of education and education policies in Croatia.

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