Trends of Education Development

Our Russian member Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences will be hosting its 14th educational conference

«Trends of Education Development»
Standards in Education: who benefits from their existence and how can their quality be appraised
Moscow, February 16-18th, 2017

The topic selected is of relevance to educators across the globe. While educational standards exist in almost every developed country, they may take very different shapes and stimulate very different attitudes. Discussions about their purpose and value never cease.
Do they celebrate diversity or nurture the culture of compliance?
Do they treat education as an industrial process or do they set a framework which invites creative teaching?
Highly respected people like Ken Robinson, Peter Hill, Michael Barber or Diane Ravitch have very different answers to those questions. Some tend to blame standardization for being a straight jacket for individual needs of a child, others believe that in highly centralized systems standards can play a rather liberating role and that we cannot avoid setting standards in the epoch of globalization because they are the pre-requisite for student mobility.
Please find HERE the call for papers and detailed information about the conference!


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