Open Source Multilingual Teaching Materials Forum for Migrant Pupils in Europe – AVIOR

Partners: Risbo B.V. (The Netherlands), Rutu Foundation for INtercultural Multilingual Education (The Netherlands), Europaisches forum fuer migrationsstudien ev (Germany), University of Western Macedonia (Greece), Praxis (Estonia), Terremondo cooperativa sociale arl (Italy)

NEPC Role: Project partner

Duration: 2016-2019

Funded by: EC – Erasmus+

This project seeks to reduce disparities in learning outcomes in basic literacy and numeracy skills between native and non-native primary school children in Europe by
•         developing cost-effective approaches to produce multilingual literacy and numeracy learning resources for migrant children;
•         building teacher professional competence to create inclusive multilingual classrooms;
•         creating informal local teacher/parent collaborative networks to enhance the participation of migrant parents in strengthening their children’s basic numeracy and literacy skills and
•         broadening the awareness of teacher trainers, school leaders and policy makers about the benefits of mother tongue and multilingual education for migrant children.

AVIOR ended in August 2019. All project’s outcomes are available on the project web-page.

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