Managing Change and Uncertainty: Education for the Future

The report of NEPC Summer School 2016 – Managing Change and Uncertainty: Education for the Future – is now available here

The summer school has demonstrated the need to promote, advocate, accept and implement change in education and education systems if they are to remain relevant and beneficial to its users. The perspectives from different disciplines are united on this – from the avant-garde approach of the degrowth philosophy which appears to indeed have a place in (re)inventing social dynamics and the participants saw it as a welcoming contribution to education for sustainability efforts – to the more „to the point“ sociological analysis of the current and future practices in education systems. Marija Roth stressed the importance of accepting change and encouraging creativity – the same factors that Arne has shown us are being applied in the Finnish ever-changing education system for some time now. The challenge of actually implementing sustainability in schools and education systems is being tackled by the 3Rs system. Experience has shown that overhauling the way schools and education function and think is no small feat, but the experience from the Croatian curriculum reform has proven that constructive, participatory reforms from the ground up are indeed possible and not as costly as one would imagine.

The amount and fluidity of discussion and exchange of ideas, both during the „official“ sessions and „depense“ was inspiring and enriching – see for yourself at the 2017 Summer School 🙂



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