NEPC Member from Lithuania,The Education Policy Center (EPC VU) organizes the conference EDUCATION POLICY AND CULTURE: CONSISTENT AND / OR RADICAL TRANSFORMATIONS (21 -22 October 2016 I Vilnius, Lithuania).

In the analysis of the ties between education policy and culture, the influence of global and national policies on education and culture are in the main focus. Although it is noticeable that the changing cultural context urges immediate political decisions and forming of new educational policy to address intercultural, multicultural, ethno-cultural education, and teacher education issues. The transformations that are sometimes consistent and other times – radical, require a closer look and deeper analysis from the researchers, politicians, educational theorists and practitioners.

The questions to be discussed in the conference:

  • Global and local social, geopolitical and educational tendencies that influence the political decisions in education;
  • New educational problems and strategies for solutions;
  • Policies of intercultural, multicultural and ethno-cultural education;
  • Changes in educational institutions’ (schools, universities, etc.) cultures;
  • Problems and challenges of teacher education.



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