How to Talk with Children and Youth on Refugee Crisis

Since last summer South East Europe has been affected by the refugee crisis with huge influx of people from the Middle East traveling to West Europe, looking for safe place from war and insecurities in their countries.

This situation raised a lot of questions before us with one being on the way children and young people perceive the situation and everything around. Children and young people do not follow the news like adults, but sure they follow what adults talk and discuss. Based on that, they form their opinion, develop emotions, and probably develop fears. The refugee crisis is certainly a topic that affects children and young people, and probably is the topic of their discussions.

Therefore, the Forum for Freedom in Education as one of the activity of the “Welcome” Initiative created a collection of lesson plans named – We are all children of this world: How to talk with students on refugee crisis.

These lesson plans are offered to teachers to work with students on topics related to refugees and refugee crises. In this publication one can find detailed lesson plans, instructions and useful links that one can use in the classroom. Lesson plans are adapted to age groups and cover topics on children’s needs, on children’s life in refugee camps, on terms we use when speaking about refugees and refugees crisis, on developing sense of solidarity with all human beings, and on myths and prejudices that surround this topic.

The publication is currently offered only in Croatian, and all those interested in translating it are free to do that.


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