NAOS – Professional Capacity Dealing with Diversity

Partners: Risbo (NL), FFS (HR), UPORTO (PT), Public Policy and Management Institute (LT), Tartu International School MTÜ (EST), CPI (CY), University of Patras (GR), UA (BE), APS (NL), HIO (NO), CiCe (UK), Foundation Mercator (D)

NEPC role: Collaborative partner

Duration: 2014 -2017

Funded by: EC

The challenges involved in taking care of the diverse needs of migrant students require strategies to be taken at the school level and system level. These would involve preparing heads of schools and teachers to meet the diverse needs of migrant students, increase the students’ opportunities to learn language (both their mother tongue as well as the language of instruction) in regular school lessons, encouraging schools to intensify their efforts in building capacity for dealing with diversity and making collaboration between schools and communities more effective.

The central topic of this project is raising professional capacity in dealing with migration related diversity which would result in an increase in educational attainment and a reduced drop-out rate. The project aims for an increase in language diversity, identity development, parental involvement and improved didactics and school-community relationships.

The project plans for the publication of a handbook on professional capacity and a handbook on teacher training for diversity. Additionally, study visits are to be conducted and 3 case study reports are to be prepared. The publication and dissemination of information is to be done through the Internet and the SIRIUS network. Close collaboration with SIRIUS and other EUR+ grants is expected with 5 international meetings and one multiplier event to be held.