Tackling Economic Inequalities in Schools

July 2 – 6, 2018

Brela, Croatia

In line with NEPC’s years-long focus on effects of poverty on students’ achievements and well-being, the main topic of this year’s Summer school will be developing innovative school policies and practices aimed at reducing the effects of poverty on students.

The event will ensure exchange of experiences from participants’ individual school/classroom contexts. The workshops and lectures will be combined with creative thinking and critical discussion sessions to ensure an adaptable and constructive learning process.

The five day interactive programme will provide data about effects of poverty in education, as well as involve participants in designing research and school-based activities that can assist in mediating the effects of poverty.


Poverty in Education: what do we know and what can we do?

2.7.2017 – 8.7.2017

KOSOVO (Hotel AMAZONA, K.K. Kastriot, Fshati Azizi – Mitrovicë)

The main topic of Summer School 2017 will be social justice with strong accent on the effect of poverty in education. NEPC started exploring the issue of poverty and education in 2014 and since has confirmed its starting belief that, in the region, poverty in connection to education is not being directly addressed. It seems that educators often put on a head blind and ignore the issue. In many cases in the belief that solving the problem of poverty is beyond education.

The five day interactive programme will provide knowledge and data about effects of poverty in education and involve participants in designing research and school based activities that can assist in mediating the effects of poverty.




From evaluations of participants in NEPC Summer School 2016:

Summer School is a place where to learn how to start answering to your questions

Summer school is a fun and Creative way to learn, improve and progress

Managing change and uncertainty: education for the future

NEPC Summer School 2016

Shkembi Kavajes, Durres, Albania, 3rd – 9th July 2016

When facing the challenges of transition of our societies to the path of sustainability, education is always put on the forefront of the struggle. As much as we, as educators, believe in the power of education and appreciate the realization that the role of education is crucial for achieving sustainability, we must be fully aware that it also presents enormous challenges for teachers, schools and systems.

There is the urgent need to operationalize social, environmental and economic sustainability at education level defining what social, environmental and economic sustainable school actually means.

Moreover Education cannot afford to be blind to the consequences of unsustainable systems that make our reality instable and in the constant state of „emergency“, it must develop into a resilient, reactive and resourceful (3R) systems, and enhances schools and teachers to empower students to deal with the changes and uncertainties of today’s and future world. The future active citizens require content as well as a set of skills in order to manage change processes and make decisions in the conditions of uncertainty. There is no doubt that local and global events affect the functioning of the school and education whether they are of economic, social or environmental nature and that a truly child centred education should not ignore them but provide a safe environment for discussing and processing the effects of such events.

NEPC Summer School aims to:

  • explore the challenges faced by education in the realities of change and uncertainty
  • provide the conceptual and policy framework for the 3R educational systems
  • showcase existing policies and practices

APPLICATIONS FROM 2.5.2016 TO 3.6.2016