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6th Primary Colors of Education Conference

An inclusive approach to education should enable all students to access and fully participate in teaching and learning experiences and aims to ensure that all children and young people experience an education that enhances their learning and social relationships and prepares them for a quality adult life in the community.  School leadership is influenced by […]

The European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders has entered the third project year!

The European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders is a Europe-wide network of relevant stakeholders that promotes cooperation and policy development and supports the European Commission’s policy work on teachers and school leaders. The 4-year project co-funded by the European Union started in January 2019 and is coordinated by the European School Heads Association and currently includes 33 […]

ARISE: Planning the Actions to Reduce the Inequalities in the Education

NEPC, as a lead of the policy outreach and advocacy in the  ARISE – Action for Reducing Inequalities in Education was a host of the ARISE: Regional Policy Lab held in Zagreb on 2nd and 3rd March 2022. Regional Policy Lab consisted of two elements: learning sessions and policy solution generating session. The event gathered over […]