New roles and competences for teachers and school leaders in the digital age – Policy recommendations 2021

The European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders, a Europe-wide network of different organisations (policymakers, practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders) that aims to promote co-operation, policy development and implementation at different levels and to support the European Commission’s policy work on teachers and school leaders, has published policy recommendations for policy makers and stakeholders in education to align them with different national, regional and institutional circumstances, within a framework of enhanced cooperation among different stakeholders in education that includes consultation within their own constituencies.

The focus of the second year of the project was on supporting school leadership and teaching in the digital age, while taking into consideration the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education. The project focused on new roles and competences of teachers and school leaders in the digital age and the recommendations are based on research evidence the project partners have compiled within a framework of topics for the second year:

  • Digital technical tools, skills and competences supporting teaching and learning;
  • Collaborative learning and collaborative school leadership in the digital age;
  • Entrepreneurial skills and competences in learning, teaching and school leadership in the digital age;
  • Communication, literacies, multilingual and critical thinking skills and competences for teaching and learning in the digital age;
  • Active citizenship skills and active digital citizenship skills in teaching and learning in the digital age.

Research papers are available here, and you can learn more about the policy recommendations here.

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