HEAD: value based transformation towards inclusion

How our identity influence our attitude to diversity? How to avoid tokenism aiming to inclusion? How to transform targeted policies and practices in universal ones aiming to embed inclusion in our schools? These were the key questions discussed with the school leaders that participated the 3rd (out of 5 foreseen) module of Professional Development for school principals implemented by OA Step by Step Croatia with primary school principals within the frame of the Erasmus+ Project HEAD: Empowering School Principals for Inclusive School Culture led by NEPC.

Two days of intense and interactive learning process took place combining education theory, reflection, sharing practices. The content, with strong emphasis on values dimension of education, enhanced the school transformation above all in the areas of stakeholders’ participation. School principals, reflecting of the process of the first 2 modules, shared how positive changes are visible in relationship with parents and local community as well as in the relationship among teachers. The word cloud hereby summarizes the mid-term evaluation.

The baseline study conducted among Croatian primary schools shows how the areas in which school principals need more support are: democratic and inclusive creation of school policy; positive relationship with parents; support to teachers’ professional development in the area of inclusive education; students’ support in expressing diversity. HEAD project is focused on piloting PD program for creating inclusive culture in school in Croatia and North Macedonia to support the mainstreaming of professional support as it is practice in Slovenia and The Netherlands.

Representatives of National School of Leadership Education (Slovenia) and NSO-CNA Leadership Academy (The Netherlands) presented the main features of their professional development programs for school principals in NEPC Edu Focus #3

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