The month of webinars at NEPC

December is the time of the year that NEPC dedicates to its webinars. The 2018 series covers the topic of anti-corruption measures in education and the topic of educational policies and practices supporting equity.

The first webinar will take place on Thursday, December 13, at 12 CET, titled  “Transparency, Accountability, and Anti-corruption Measures in Education: How to Build National Capacities”. The topic will be presented by Muriel Poisson, Programme Specialist at the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO), based in Paris.

Since September last year, together with our partners, NEPC has had the pleasure to implement the BRAVEdu project ( ) and the second webinar is dedicated to the presentation of some of its findings. The project aims at strengthening the capacity of schools to support disadvantage learners from low SES in active participation in school life and in achieving better learning outcomes through exploring and analysing policies and practices implemented in Estonia that enabled the educational system to severely reduce the effect of low socioeconomic status on student achievement.

The webinar, titled “Policies Ensuring Equity in Education: The Case of Estonia – Lessons From the Erasmus+ BRAVEdu Project”, is scheduled on December 17 ,  at 12 CET. Presenters will be our two project team members: Ana Mlekuž (Education Research Institute, Slovenia) and Sandra Haugas (PRAXIS, Estonia).

To join the webinars, please register by writing to .

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