Summer School: Last Call for Participants!

Managing change and uncertainty: education for the future I Shkembi Kavajes, Durres, Albania, 3rd – 9th July 2016

From the lectures abstracts…

Degrowth, Democracy, Education
Onofrio Romano, University of Bari, Italy
Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean anthropologies, I propose a foundation of degrowth on a human subject of ‘‘de-thinking’’ and I discuss the political and educational pathways for such an alternative degrowth project towards democracy.

Why change the education system that has been ranked as top quality?
Arne Verhaegen, EduFuture, Finland
During this workshop I will provide you with a wider framework to understand the Finnish education system and the need for a curriculum reform in one of the top performing nations in the world.

Good education as a basic right. Global challenges and trends in a local context.
Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz, University of Krakow, Poland
Education might be a shaping experience supporting development but only under certain conditions. Unfortunately, today too often education is a tool of oppression instead tool of democracy. It is sad especially because we know what works in schools, but we have not learnt how to implement this theoretical knowledge in practice.


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