Campaign Living Values

Values are the principles, basic beliefs and ideals that guide us in life.

Values shape our behavior and influence the decisions we make.

As a part of the project “Education for a Just Society”, supported by USAID and the OSF BH, Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step is launching a campaign named LIVING VALUES.

The campaign “Living values” aims to encourage and initiate actions and activities in schools, families and communities to help children understand, internalize and live the universal values.

Every month, over the next year, one of the values such as happiness, respect, health, solidarity and peace, will be in the center of all activities. As support, CEI Step by Step has developed a Calendar of values and other educational materials and resources that will be posted on the website, enriched with ideas and activities implemented within schools and organizations.

Each interested school, organization and/or individual are welcome to join the campaign, and share their ideas, activities and accomplishments.

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