Mapping School Governance in NEPC Region

How are schools governed?
How are leadership and the responsibilities of school management distributed?
Which accountability mechanisms are used?

 Pubblication available here!

The Study compares and critically analyses the basic models of governance in participating countries with regard to distribution of leadership, management and funding responsibilities, stakeholder participation and partnership, accountability mechanisms and leadership styles of school principals.

Participating countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia

Members Organization Involved: Children are the future; Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step; Forum for Freedom in Education; Kosova Education Center; Education Policy Center; Macedonian Civic Education Centre; Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatiatives Step by Step; Mongolian Education Alliance; Educationa Center PRO DIDACTICA; Pedagogical Center of Montengro; Moscow School of Social Sciences and Economic Studies

Study Expert: Sergij Gaberšček, CPZ International, Centre for Knowledge Promotion, Slovenia



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