SIRIUS – European Policy Network on the Education of Children and Young People with a Migrant Background

The SIRIUS network was established in 2012 with the essential mission of promoting and enhancing knowledge transfer among stakeholders in order to improve the education of children and youngsters from migrant backgrounds. The mission of this network, which counts over 30 members from various EU countries, is based on actions such as knowledge transfer, influencing policy development and implementation and Bringing together partners from EU countries and key stakeholders, including policy makers, researchers, practitioners, representatives of migrant communities, NGOs, international organizations

Since the inception of SIRIUS, NEPC has contributed to the work of SIRIUS through research and advocacy activities, including the co-organizing of the „Making Schools Matter for All“ conference at the European Parliament in 2014.

NEPC role: Collaborative partner

Sirius website: 

Sirius Policy Brief: School Leaders – Advocates for Refugee and Migrant Students

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