2015 NGO Forum

Organizer: UNESCO / Collective Consultation of NGOs on EFA (CCNGO/EFA)
Incheon, republic of Korea – 18th & 19th May 2015

NEPC was represented by Lana Jurko (ED) at the Forum and took active part in discussions on the future of education, culminating in the adoption of the 2015 NGO Forum Declaration ‘Towards the right to inclusive, quality public education and lifelong learning beyond 2015’. The Declaration re-affirms that education is a fundamental right and public good that is key to promoting social, economic and environmental justice the deceleration was a preparation ahead of the World Education Forum 2015. The forum was attended by the 130 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from all over the world.

 2015 NGO Forum Declaration

UNESCO led, in collaboration with six co-conveners, the development of a powerful new education agenda that will transform lives. It had five key themes: Right to Education, Equity in Education, Inclusive Education, Quality Education and Life Long Learning. The Incheon Declaration was adopted at WEF. The Forum was attended by over 3000 participants form all over the world

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