Integrity of education systems: assessments to investigate risks of corruption and solutions

Network of Education Policy Centers (NEPC) and Center for Applied Policy and Integrity (CAPI) joint efforts to investigate corruption risks in education in these geographies and to create the conditions for replicating expertise and locally-led integrity assessments in the region.

The assessment is based on the INTES methodology and evidence collection tools developed by CAPI within the framework of the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

It helps in discerning how to tackle the corruption challenge by empowering education participants and stakeholders to understand and address their integrity challenges “from within” their education institutions and professional environments.

The project will be implemented through an operational and research partnership between the NEPC and CAPI that will unfold in four phases: training; collection of evidence; analysis and reporting: dissemination of results.

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